The Divorce Business

When people ask me what I do for a living, it’s sometimes hard for me to say “I am in the divorce business.”  I hate the fact people are getting divorced at such a high rate.  One out of every two marriages ends in divorce instead of ending with the passing away of a spouse. This is sad, but what can we do to avoid it.  Even those who get all the counseling they can stand and do all the politically and/or spiritually correct things prior to getting married, divorce will still be around.

You may think that I wish that more people would get divorced so I would have more opportunity to capitalize on the misfortune of others.  When in reality I hate divorce.  I have been through a divorce myself so I know how painful it can be.  I am not in the business to push people to divorce.  I am in this to make an already tough situation affordable. 

With or without the service that I provide people will continue to go through the divorce process.  The fact that I run an online divorce business doesn’t increase the amount of divorces that take place every day in this country.  My services don’t encourage divorce.  My service attempts to take away some of the stress caused by forking over thousands of dollars to an attorney in fees that in many cases are useless. 

There are plenty of online divorce providers out there.  Many of them that charge $300 or more for divorce forms.  My goal is not to suck your wallet dry during your divorce, but to let my clients focus on what is really important, which is family.  Instead of charging hundreds of dollars for your divorce papers, my company only charges $95 for the forms.  We here at do our very best to ensure you get the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

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    Divorce is already tough. Online divorce just makes it less stressful by giving you a low cost option.

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